Workshop on scholarly collaboration networks: are they (h)arming open access?

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"The aim of this workshop, which will be 90 minutes in duration, is to shed light on the different facets of SCNs, for-profit and not-for-profit platforms, as well as to discuss the issues at hand with respect to ethics while sharing articles post-publication, and the impact this has on open access, whether beneficial or harmful. Participants will have plenty of opportunities to interact and reflect on the latest developments such as the recent standoff between Germany and Elsevier, where Ralf Schimmer, member of the Projekt DEAL’s working group, said that 'due to sharing networks such as ResearchGate, university repositories and individuals emailing their research to others, lacking access to major publishers’ platforms was far less of a problem now than previously' (Times Higher Education).

Through roleplaying and quizzes, our ultimate master plan is to provide our participants with all arms necessary to make sound, weighted and ethical decisions when faced with the responsibility of sharing their publications. Other related topics such as, but not restricted to, copyrights, contributor agreements, and licensing options will also be covered."


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