The Open Access Ethos in Agroecology - Resilience

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"It’s important therefore to note that open is not experienced as a positive force across all marginalized populations as ‘the public’ has often been discriminatory. Marginalized populations cannot be blamed when they wonder, 'who does my open knowledge benefit?' This is a great challenge for open, but also an opportunity for reexamining our complex relationships. The overturning of proprietary development models and knowledge systems in favor of open frameworks is at the heart of social and environmental justice. The resolution of these tensions will determine the carrying capacity for the biome and the planet’s ability to maintain resiliency.

Given the diversity of cultural value systems, widespread inequality, and the often unresolved sovereignty politics between indigenous peoples and nation states, we must bring local farmers into the innovation process so they can help match it to socio-environmental and cultural realities. Ultimately the success of our humanity depends on everyone’s humanity; therefore technology must make progress alongside social justice, environmental stewardship, civil liberties, and local, critical perspectives—not in despite of them.

Agroecology—whether under the guise of permaculture, biodynamics, regenerative farming, or another model—is based on crafting farming systems that mimic natural processes and reflect societal and cultural conditions. It’s time for agrarians and advocates to recognize that progress is not only about looking forward but also about looking around; and sometimes even below to the fungal networks who share information and resources that connect all living things. This is the open source paradigm, and agroecology is rooted in its ethos."


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