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"Seniors, sell extra Scantrons while you can. North Dakota State Student Body President Mason Wenzel is accomplishing his campaign promises, making Scantron documents free for students in the coming school year.

Wenzel’s administration has made this possible through a deal with the Provost’s Office, in that the Provost’s Office will cover the entirety of the approximately $12,000 bill.

He said the move will not impact the NDSU bookstore as Scantrons are 'not really a revenue generator.' The store is not re-stocking Scantrons for the coming year.

NDSU Provost Beth Ingram said she was approached by Wenzel and his then running mate Katie Mastel about the Scantron idea prior to the student body election as most candidates usually talk to her before running.

'When they came to me after the victory, I said ‘Yeah let’s do it,'' Ingram said. She added her department will buy Scantrons in bulk so they are cheaper as well.

Students will now acquire Scantrons through professors bringing them to class on test day."


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