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"The Productivity Commission (PC) has released its report on ‘Data Availability and its Use’. It recommends a new Data Sharing and Release Act, and the creation of the position of Data Custodian to guide and monitor the Government’s use of and access to data.

The report is the response to the Government’s request that the PC look at the benefits and costs of making public and private datasets more available, and at ‘how consumers can use and benefit from access to data, particularly data about themselves.’


The report recommends:

  • that the new Act should replace all restrictions to access and use contained in existing Federal and State legislation, and the identification of ‘National Interest Datasets’ that would be resourced by the Federal Government Commonwealth as national assets.
  • a data sharing and release structure that 'indicates to all data custodians a strong and clear cultural shift towards better data use that can be dialled up for the sharing or release of higher-risk datasets.'
  • a suite of ‘Accredited Release Authorities’, which it describes as sectoral hubs of expertise to enable the ongoing maintenance of, and streamlined access to, National Interest Datasets and other datasets.
  • a streamlining of ethics committee approval processes, which would 'provide more timely access to identifiable data for research and policy development purposes.'"


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