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May 12 - 14 in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

From Google Translate: "Open data is a crucial resource and we do not want to leave fallow!

Open data should be an essential resource for residents and businesses in the city. City made great progress in the number of issued data, unfortunately, are still exposed so that developers can easily use. And we want to change! From the Word document to prepare structured text, numbers of cars in the intersection dynamically processed via the REST API so. If you have a clear view of how and why it should be otherwise accessed Open Data, this is the event for you.

Let's enjoy it!

We have therefore joined forces with the City of Ostrava and Keboola and is embarking on a bold venture: a two-day hackathon for all those who love a challenge and want to contribute to his city. With the best buddies in the back, we invite you to our quality facilities open space to work with data that the city can also be used in your favor.

What will work?  Intensively cooperate with the city and the result will be a set of carefully prepared data. Want more? Well, add open data API Liberty O2.

With the participation of peaks in the area of ​​data analysts we prepare the draft of a new portal for open data and other specific applications using open data. All open Friday's informal meeting - who wants to tune in to prepare and learn more about the whole project will be welcome! Hackathon then run on Saturday morning and will end Sunday afternoon. Registration is free and wait for attractive partners and supporters.

12 May, 18:30 - Opening meeting  May 13, 9:00 am - Opening of the hackathon,  14 May, 14:00 - Conclusion and farewell"


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