Skeptic Magazine's Impotent Attack on Gender Studies

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"The problem for the hoaxers is that, if one hoax paper in one low-quality journal impugns the entire field of gender studies, there are a lot of other academic disciplines we’ll have to throw out. PZ points out that pure pseudoscience or outright fake papers have been published in evolution, cosmology, and molecular biology. Massimo Pigliucci cites similar cases in mathematics, computer science and nuclear physics. And earlier this year, three Polish scientists made up a fake scientist named Anna O. Szust (oszust is Polish for 'fraud') with a fictitious CV and got dozens of journals to accept her as an editor. Some even offered to make her editor-in-chief, sight unseen.

Should we also call for defunding any field of science that didn’t detect these hoaxes? If not, why the double standard?"


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