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"The World Bank's Open Data Readiness Assessment (ODRAreport for Malaysia was released on May 25. The report assesses Malaysia’s capacity to implement an Open Data program and provides recommendations to improve the transparent management and use of government data.

On the basis of this evaluation, Malaysia is ready to formulate an action plan to enable broad public access to government data and strengthen data use in development planning. Malaysia is the first country in ASEAN to implement the ODRA methodology. The study, conducted between 31st October to 8th November 2016, was undertaken jointly with the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU). It included interviews with 192 participants across government agencies and other stakeholders, to understand precisely how decisions are taken, how demand for data is met, and how publication of data could be more sustained.

Open data is a key area of focus for Malaysia’s Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan (PSISP). The government has set a target of being in the top 30 in the Open Data Barometer (ODB) by 2020.  As of 2016, Malaysia had an ODB rank of 53.

One of the most important recommendations from the ODRA report is having a clearly defined national policy/legal framework and government data management policies/procedures for opening and sharing data. At the moment, there is no single legal framework in Malaysia that determines whether data can be opened or not, leading to uncertainty and caution. Agencies do proactively publish information and do entertain requests for information and data from the public and third parties. However, these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis."


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