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"In this piece, I’ve looked at the ways in which the humanities have struggled with open access. At the same time, I have also demonstrated a range of projects that are bringing possibilities to the table for these subjects. The new technologies might be able to help our old traditions after all, if we can address the social challenges that surround changing publication practices in the humanities.

Despite concerns and the slow pace of change, then, it seems important to me that the humanities can benefit from open, online dissemination of our research material. The humanities are, quite literally, the study of human cultures and their artifacts. These subjects do not cure cancers or invent new telescopes but they do tell us a great deal about who we are and where we have come from as people. They help us to understand the phenomena that make us so different as a species from other animals – that is, our artworks and cultures – and they help us to contextualize our political and social environments within broader timeframes of history. To study ourselves, as humans, is the mission of the humanities subjects in all their diverse breadths. I believe in open access for the humanities, though, because a fundamental question should move us: what good is research on the human, if our fellow humans cannot afford to read that work?"


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