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From Google Translate: "As in the case of the content industry, the important thing is not whether the page is still open or not: what is really significant is to question business models when they cease to adapt to the environment in which they live. Content publishers began to have problems when technology developed better and more efficient ways of accessing works, and they began to stop having them when a wide range of simple and relatively inexpensive offers that took advantage of that technology appeared to improve that access, call Spotify, Netflix or whatever. In the world of science it might be reasonable to aspire for the same thing to happen, and that the hundreds of  journals which today parasitize academics and institutions with high-priced subscriptions find ways to disseminate scientific material that match their need to obtain a reasonable level of profitability with the requirement that science be broad and readily available to all. As in the case of The Pirate Bay, Sci-Hub will not close due to prosecution, lawsuits and fines: it will close when it is no longer necessary. Meanwhile, the raven will still have the key."


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