NIH's new embrace of preprints will be a boon to science

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"In what is 'likely a watershed moment for preprints in the life sciences,' the NIH this month announced a new policy of encouraging researchers it funds to submit their work to preprint servers before they attempt to publish in conventional journals.

And perhaps even more important, the policy allows scientists to cite preprint papers in grant applications to the agency.

The 'watershed' assessment comes from Jessica Polka, director of ASAPbio, a nonprofit that pushes for the use of preprints in the life sciences.

'The NIH’s policy will create a strong incentive for researchers to create interim research products. This, in turn, will accelerate the pace of discovery,' Polka told STAT. 'I imagine that the policy will influence other funding agencies and universities, not only because of the NIH’s prominence, but also because of the announcement’s thorough consideration of standards for citing, storing, and accessing preprints.'"


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