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Hey. Hi. Greetings. Welcome Back!

Oh I bet you're smiling aren't you. I know I am. Cause. It's. Giveaway. Time!

So as this always goes: I'm giving away a 3 EDH decks! Because this is what I do. I love brewing, and I love giving them away. I have plenty of my own, too many actually (See here: https://www.moxfield.com/users/Niccalo). This just helps me not accumulate an over abundance of cards in my collection. Does this mean I won't be participating in the Secret Santa Exchange? Certainly Not! This just means I get to brew more and more and more and more... Y'all get the idea!

What you get:

A EDH Deck of my design. Some Tokens where I have them. Usually some Dice (usually 10 sided). Maybe something a little extra? Do you have to pay for anything? NO! This is my gift to you!

Not even shipping? Nope, all on me.

Will I ship internationally? Yes, where I can. If there's a restriction outside of my control, I can't circumvent that. Please be mindful this could take awhile to get to you if I'm able to ship to you. I've had one package take a month and another take about 4 days to get to places in Europe, it varies.

How many decks do I plan to give away? Three, three decks, three random winners.

But how? I have lots of time. I have lots of cards.

What do I get out of this? Happiness, I love doing this. I really do. Seriously, look at my previous posts.

Do we get to see the decklists?






When do you plan to pick who gets what? Tueday, April 16, 2024 @18:00EDT (6PM EDT) ISH!

All I ask of you is that you spread the word, and respond to this post with ME!

A very special Thank You to some very specific people who I need to make sure are mentioned because they have helped in some way with this wonderful journey: Vanya @ Pandemonium Games and Hobbies, Ted @ Destiny Games, Wick @ Gaya's Cradle Games, and ESPECIALLY my frinds: Tim, Al, Brandon, Scotty, Matt (both of them), Chris, Geoff, and Adam.

Anything I haven't covered? Please ask.

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