How the f*ck am I supposed to compete against generational wealth like this (US)?

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My spouse and (early 30s) I are actively house-shopping. We both have great, well-paying jobs that require degrees and certifications and earn quite well.

We are getting outbid every time, and it's always by people supported by their dumb families. I was talking with my stepfather in law who's the third generation of a successful business (we don't expect him to help as he's not related). He's taking his daughter (my stepsister in law) house shopping. She's the same age as us, and she and her husband earn less. Their budget is higher than ours because he's footing half the downpayment and giving them a low-interest loan for the mortgage. This is not isolated, it's the case with so many in my age group. If I went through my rental building and asked my neighbors I guarantee 50% have their rent subsidized by their parents

I have done my part. I worked hard to get where I am from a low-income, first-generation immigrant family. I can compete against my age group, but I can't compete against their boomer parents and grandparents. There's no winning.

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