After 38 years of existence...I finally realized how exhausting it all is.

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Typical weekday: Wake up. Put on clothes. Brush teeth. Wash face. Make coffee. Sit down at desk to start the work day. Read the news/see what's going on in the world. Work...avoid work. Check social media for no reason. Check my stocks that never make money. Avoid laundry. Avoid cleaning cat vomit. Do some online shopping for household items. Avoid opening delivery boxes/mail. More work. Make lunch. Clean kitchen. Clean cat vomit. Open packages. Maybe go for a walk. Back to work. Do some laundry. More work. Maybe work out. Make dinner. Clean dinner. Watch some mindless TV. Pretend to care about sports on TV. Shower. Go to bed. Do it all over again the next day.

Took me circa 38 years to realize just how exhausting existence is. Even making a sandwich for lunch seems like a burden now.

And the weekend days aren't really any less exhausting: more chores, 'keeping up with the jones' lifestyle, etc etc.

I even realized that pretending to care, or even pretending like I know what I'm doing, is exhausting.

And it's just going to get worse as I age. My body is already deteriorating. I avoid going to the doctor. Every year there is a new pain somewhere in the body. The worst part is...I believe in all this is essentially for nothing.

I just can’t stop seeing how much of a burden life, and “adulting”, truly is. And it’s amazing to me how so many people don’t see it.

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