Catch and release fishing is stupid and cruel.

reddit: the front page of the internet 2023-11-29

As someone who legitimately fishes for sustenance (Alaskan trying to not be broke) it always rubs me the wrong way how catch and release (99% fly fishermen) folks have an air of superiority. As fishermen, we're all jamming a hook through an animal's head to drag them to shore. I'm at least doing it to feed myself and my family, and do it as quick as humanly possible. I often see fly fish bros prolonging the fight for soooo long, for no good reason - just to let the poor thing swim away. They spent 5 thousand dollars to come fish here and by God they're gonna get the most drama for the buck! I feel bad enough hurting these animals for food, I don't understand how anyone gets any sort of enjoyment out of torturing them purely for sport. People who fish healthy stocks of fish for food are far more ethical than catch and release fishermen.

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