My girlfriend wants me to have sex with her deaf friend

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I’ll try and keep this semi short. My (21M), girlfriend (F18), wants me to have sex with her deaf friend (F18).

Me and my girlfriend have been together around 6 months, we met in college and we instantly hit it off. We have a lot in common, she’s very sweet, very caring, she’s filed a void in my life and I absolutely love her, but things are starting to change and I’m extremely confused.

My girlfriend has a deaf friend who also goes to the same college, I don’t have any classes with this girl and I’ll only see her occasionally, I’ve met her a few times but I’ve never been properly introduced to her, she’s relatively nice, but she’s deaf, so communication is quite difficult since I don’t know ASL.

4 days ago, my girlfriend came home from college, our day lengths vary so usually I end up getting home a few hours earlier. I had made her some homemade spaghetti and garlic bread, we soon started eating.

I asked her how her day went, and she said it was fine, but she seemed off, her face was red, her hands were slightly trembling, so I asked her, “Is something wrong?” She shook her head and said she wants me to do something but she’s worried I won’t understand. I told her I’ll try my best to understand.

That’s when she said something along the lines of, “You know (deaf friend)? She’s never had sex before, I was wondering if maybe you and her could do something together, I have no problems with it,”

I set my fork down, I felt the food get stuck in my throat, I choked a little before saying, “What?”

My girlfriend continued to explain that her deaf friend was attractive but her disability made it really hard for guys to get into her, she said since she knew me and liked me as a friend it was the least I could do to help her out. I stood up and walked to the bathroom without saying anything. I was in shock.

Later I came out and told my girlfriend that what she was asking me to do made me extremely uncomfortable, I told her that she was my girlfriend, and that having sex with anyone else regardless of the reason didn’t sit right with me, I told her I didn’t want to break the foundation of our relationship over a girl I barely know.

My girlfriend told me that she has no problem with me doing this, and that she would do the same if she was in a similar situation, that comment made me even more uncomfortable about the state of our relationship. I’m disgusted and upset, and I’m genuinely worried that I can’t continue this relationship anymore.

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