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Amyluv's bookmarks 2017-09-20


"The open access movement has mainly been focussed on the issue of opening up access to peer-reviewed journal articles and many definitions of open access explicitly define the term in this way. At the same time the internet has made it easier for many organisations and a wide range of content to be produced and disseminated in varying degrees of openness (grey literature, social media, data, videos, images etc). The explosion in new forms of production for research and other uses has not connected much with the academic open access movement, despite its capacity to radically increase access to research and information. From open access we now have open science, open government, and access to knowledge as a sustainable development goal among a range of movements. The ideas of a knowledge commons and a digital infrastructure commons are also gaining traction, particularly in parts of the world where markets have failed in many ways and new approaches can be more readily embraced. Yet the open access movement continues to be somewhat isolated and these conversations do not connect nearly as much as we might hope as the vested interests of universities, libraries and ways of knowing are still heavily tied to traditional journal publishing - open or closed.

This presentation will consider some of these issues taking as its inspiration Amanda’s involvement with in curating and making available policy grey literature on the one hand, and at a more theoretical level the publication earlier this year of an open science manifesto by OCSD Network."


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