Interview mit Ellen Euler: Freier Zugang zum digitalen Gedächtnis!? (Interview with Ellen Euler: Free Access to Digital Memory !?)

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"Ellen Euler , professor for "Open Access / Open Data" at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, understands the digital memory as the "ability to pass on cultural knowledge about digital and networked media permanently and unaltered for generations". In order to create a digital memory, heritage institutions - such as museums and libraries - need to digitize their knowledge and make it freely accessible.


There are currently, however, various problems. On the one hand, the strict rules of copyright would make it more difficult to deal openly with cultural knowledge, on the other hand, cultural heritage institutions would have to rethink their own offers. Instead of just putting contents online, they should be made available in such a way that they can be further processed in a variety of ways."


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