Save Our Data. Zum Umgang mit (Forschungs-)Daten (To deal with (research) data)

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"Some time ago I discovered tapes with interviews about my diploma thesis, which I wrote many years ago. It occurred to me that I have not had a device for a long time, with which I could have played these interviews and the transcripts are stored on a floppy disk (anyone remember?) In a format in which it is questionable whether the files are still readable at all. Not that anyone was interested in my tapes, but my fate is likely to be shared by other researchers who keep their research data on floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, laptops, etc. in the hope that they will always be readable. Only "always" - that's one thing: how long do we want to keep research data at all? Forever? Does everything really have to be kept?" 


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Vitaliy Bodnar

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