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Kirstine's bookmarks 2018-05-29


Mandated by the Federal Government, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports scientific research in all academic disciplines, from history to medicine and the engineering sciences. The SNSF plans to build a new open data portal, as a new website separate from The new data portal will combine:

1. A grant database, where users can search for funded projects, researchers, and output data from projects. This database will replace the current

2. Downloadable datasets (.csv files), including most of the raw data that the SNSF can legally publish. The data behind these datasets is dynamic. These datasets are currently published on p3 and Further anonymized datasets might also be published.

3. Documentation (what data is published or not published and why).

4. Various static or interactive data visualizations, reports, and data stories from a variety of sources. These will play an important role in the SNSF communication strategy, for instance linked from or on social media. These will use both dynamic and static data, and will replace and extend the current visualizations on p3 and the annual statistics on the SNSF’s activities on notably. External contractors are invited to propose their approach for developing the data portal and its frond-end. 


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