Was hat die Wissenschaft vom Social-Media-Prinzip? (What does science have about the social media principle?)

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"Social media has inevitably changed the way society and research use the Web. Every minute, an estimated 450,000 tweets are posted on the social web, 3.3 million posts posted on Facebook and 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube. The researchers contribute diligently to it. A survey by Nature has found that 95 percent of the surveyed scientists actively use at least one social media platform, with 50 percent visiting Facebook daily.

Compared to 2014, use has increased. There are social media that are primarily aimed at researchers (for example Mendeley or ResearchGate), but also those for general use (for example, Twitter or Facebook), which, however, are also included in scientific work processes. Disciplinary preferences in use can be identified: ResearchGate finds its user group more in the hard sciences, while Academia.edu is mainly used in the humanities and social sciences."



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