Astronomy in the European Open Science Cloud

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Nowadays, machine learning techniques are being used in many fields of science. Instead of developing complex codes, a computer learns how to solve otherwise time-consuming problems that involve much manual labor. Typically, a huge amount of data is a prerequisite to teach the computer how to identify patterns in the training set and enabling it without any human interaction to recognize similar features in new data.

European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is a cloud for research data in Europe allowing for universal access to data; a single online platform where all European researchers will be able to find, access and re-use data produced by other scientists, and to deposit, analyse and share data they have been paid to produce. EOSC will help increase recognition of data intensive research and data science. Its architecture is developed as a data infrastructure commons serving the needs of scientists, providing both common functions and localised services delegated to community level. EOSC will federate existing resources across national data centres, European e-infrastructures and research infrastructures by gradually opening up its user base to the public sector and industry.


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