Rédaction Médicale et Scientifique: Plan S : grosse activité des organisations européennes pour accélérer la science ouverte dans un climat très conflictuel (Plan S: Big activity of European organizations to accelerate open science in a very conflicting climate)

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"There is a lot of pressure to accelerate the Plan S that we presented in September 2018 with the title: "The disappearance of 'paywall' for 2020: a wishful wish or a realistic prediction". The site dedicated to Plan S regularly contains new documents. The pressure is strong, but the resistances deserve reflection. 

There are many articles in favor or against Plan S, and those who oppose are accused of wanting to defend publishers. On Scholarly Kitchen the ticket is titled: " Do you have any worries about Plan S, then you must be an irresponsible, privileged and complicit hypocrite ." This post lists many sources of discussion. It is  mainly an open letter signed by 1447 researchers including 31 French (December 2, 2018) to draw attention to the dangers of Plan S."




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