Académie des sciences - Foresighting Open Science (Conference at the Institut de France, 2nd April 2019)

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Symposium in English of the French Académie des sciences, from 9h to 17h30, in the Grande salle des séances of the Institut de France - Registration required before April 2, 2019


Among its very many applications, digital technology can open to an ever growing audience the access of the results of scientific research. Already in the 2000’s some scientific journals initiated the open access to publications and thereby extended readership well beyond the traditional subscribers. The acceleration of the open science process which is on the way affects inevitably the way research is conducted and will also modify as a consequence the relation between the world of science and the world of economics and society. This transition towards open science will also raise questions related to ethics, integrity and evaluation of scientific results as well as that of researchers themselves. These are questions which researchers, academies and learned societies will have to tackle and find an answer to. Furthermore, open science entails a new economic paradigm which has yet to be defined, whilst finding ways of avoiding excessive publications costs. And finally, since scientific research can only be conceived nowadays at an international level, one of the major challenges of this transition will be the harmonizing of all different national scientific policies. We have hereby enumerated the topics which the speakers will be developing during the symposium, these speakers being experts of the subject and persons in charge of this transition in France and in other European countries.


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