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[From Google translate] How to manage the different versions of an article in an open access repository?Preprint, postprint and editor's version 

As the availability of open-access copies increases, platforms and libraries increasingly face the possibility of linking users to different versions of the record copies, as well as to the open-access version, but not to the version of the record copies of the same article. Some advocate giving priority to linking to Open Access copies, while others argue that priority should be given to the editorial version. In many cases, this is a question of whether it should be linked to a copy that the library has licensed over copies that are freely available; however, the same problem can occur with open-access content hosted by the publisher as opposed to copies available in institutional repositories and preprints servers.


Alternatively, some recommend that the library present all possible options and allow the user to decide which version he or she prefers, which creates a number of challenges for the user experience and education. In other cases, the library will not have the option, since the platforms themselves (for example, DSDimensions and Web of Science) link to open-access copies within the native interface and the subscribed content requires an institutional license that then uses the library's link resolver. Although librarians and publishers are relatively familiar with the types of open access and the process of publishing articles, many users are unaware of the potential differences between versions and are confused or frustrated by the increasing complexity of access options.



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