Selby Kia: UCLA must advocate for cost-effective solutions to textbooks | Daily Bruin

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"It’s not the textbooks that are weighing down UCLA students. It’s their costs. UCLA students spend an average of $1,000 every year on textbooks and other course materials. Although most students do not buy brand new textbooks at full price from the Associated Students UCLA Bookstore, even the “cheaper” alternatives such as the association’s textbook rental program are costly enough. Of course, some students make use of library course reserves, which allow them to rent course materials for free for two hours. While this system is great for cutting costs and giving students a fair chance at accessing textbooks, the time constraint and demand for textbooks are limiting. Two hours at the library doesn’t leave students with much time use the books, especially if they commute to and from campus. And if the book they need is already checked out, they’re out of luck...."


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