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"Tomorrow is Open Data Day: an annual celebration of open data all over the world – this year, with a focus on open research data.  To mark this occasion, we are reaffirming our commitment to open data with a focus on data quality.  We believe, not only should research data no longer be relegated to a hard drive or supplementary file, but that data should be shared in a way that is most useful to science.  That is why we are calling on the various stakeholders in open data to engage with us on how best support researchers in this area.  

Make your data noteworthy

Effective data sharing extends beyond depositing data in a repository.  As the drive for open data progresses, it is no longer simply enough for data to be legally and technically open. The approach to research data should be holistic with a focus on data quality and stewardship.  Enter: Data Notes.  Data Notes are intended to promote the reuse of datasets by providing a detailed description of a dataset; making it easier for other researchers to interpret and, thus, more likely use.  Data notes complement traditional research articles and benefit from focused peer review.  Data notes are also a great way to open up data from older research articles as well as share data that doesn’t quite fit in other papers – all while receiving credit for the work you have done...."


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