OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs: New Platforms for Open Access Book Distribution | Julien McHardy, Vincent W.J. Van Gerv…

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OpenAIRE workshop: Beyond APCs

New Platforms for Open Access Book Distribution Julien McHardy Mattering Press Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei Punctum Books Joe Deville Mattering Press Janneke Adema Open Humanities Press OpenAire Workshop 5-6 April, The Hague

2. Project Consortium What is a book? Innovating through non-hierarchical, non-competitive collaboration Mattering Press Open Book Publishers Open Humanities Press Mayfly Books Meson Press Punctum Books 3. Motivation: Scaling Small Creating a community of presses to • Pool resources • Share expertise • Multiply Karma • Reduce reliance on intermediaries and BPC Approach Develop: • Shared infrastructure • A collective presence to funders, authors, libraries, POD services and readers (Ideal: An alternative OA marketplace) 4. Process Mapping the challenges to OA book distribution Identifying possible platforms and solutions Develop design specs, hire expert help, prototype platforms Test and improve (ROA Conference) Review and Dissemination..."


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