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"The Knowbella Platform unlocks the unrealized value of up to $4 trillion of global orphaned intellectual property by crowdsourcing it to researchers and providing tools and incentives for scientific collaboration.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY We are open sourcing intellectual property (IP) for crowdsourced collaboration on the Knowbella Platform, the scientific ecosystem powered by the Helix™ token, "The Currency of Science.™" The global scientific community can conduct smart contract-based transactions using Helix tokens, which they earn by joining, participating in, and contributing to the Knowbella scientific community.

OUR PLATFORM Before Lyft®, no one thought to put a value on an empty car seat. With Airbnb®, many were surprised that an unused room in a home could have market value. Knowbella is a platform business model that leverages dormant scientific IP by matching producers and consumers. Scientists can start with existing IP and develop it into new directions and applications, which are also open and may be developed further, expanding the potential and value of the original IP in a network effect.

OUR TOKEN Helix as “The Currency of Science” is the glue that holds the Knowbella community together and the fuel that helps accelerates its growth. Helix serves as a medium of exchange, bypassing typical intermediaries to direct more resources to research sooner. Helix is the incentive to collaborate within the Platform to develop dormant IP and build the Knowbella community, continually growing its functionality toward unprecedented opportunities fueled by ongoing blockchain innovation...."


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