10 – 11 maggio: “Fare scienza oggi: per una scienza aperta, responsabile e di qualità” | Università degli Studi di Parma

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Google English: "10 - 11 May: "Doing science today: for an open, responsible and quality science"

Seminar on Open Science and Open Access for faculty and staff librarian of the University of Parma.

Parma, 9 May 2018 - Thursday 10 and Friday 11 May, from 9.30 to 13.30, in the Multipurpose Auditorium of the Science and Technology Campus, will be held the workshop Making Science Today: for an open, responsible and quality science, aimed at teachers and staff librarians of the University of Parma and held by two professionals with extensive experience in the field, Paola Gargiulo and Paola Galimberti.

The meeting, which will be introduced by prof. Roberto Fornari, Pro Rector for Research, will be dedicated to the topic of Open Science, ie the policies and activities to be put into practice to make the data and results of scientific research accessible at every level of study, from that of the simple citizens to that of scientists and professionals. Topics such as: the Open Science policies of institutions that fund scientific research, at national and European level will be discussed; the dissemination of the results of scientific research to open access according to the Horizon 2020 program; how to publish to Open Access through the IRIS research archive; licensing issues; the processing of research data.

Dr. Paola Gargiulo works at CINECA, dealing with projects related to access open to scientific communication. She is involved in several European projects related to Open Access issues (OpenAire, OpenAirePlus, MedOAnet). Speaker at conferences on issues related to open access to academic and scientific communication in Italy and abroad, she is a member of the board of directors of AISA (Italian Association for the promotion of Open Science) and coordinator of the trans-university working group IOSSG (Italian Open Science Support Group).

Dr. Paola Galimberti works at the organizational planning and evaluation office of the University of Milan. He is in charge of the IRIS research archive and coordinates the Cineca focus group on the Institutional Repository. He is responsible for supporting the internal and external evaluation procedures of the university, the platform of Epublishing magazines.unimi.it and activities related to the open science of the Milanese university. He is a member of the Presidium of quality and of some evaluation units of Italian universities. He is part of the ROARS editorial staff. Paola Galimberti is also a member of the board of directors of AISA."



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