Support Your Data: A Research Data Management Guide for Researchers

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"Abstract: Researchers are faced with rapidly evolving expectations about how they should manage and share their data, code, and other research materials. To help them meet these expectations and generally manage and share their data more effectively, we are developing a suite of tools which we are currently referring to as "Support Your Data". These tools, which include a rubric designed to enable researchers to self-assess their current data management practices and a series of short guides which provide actionable information about how to advance practices as necessary or desired, are intended to be easily customizable to meet the needs of a researchers working in a variety of institutional and disciplinary contexts.

Keywords: Research Data Management, RDM, Data Sharing, Open Data, Open Science..."

Borghi J, Abrams S, Lowenberg D, Simms S, Chodacki J (2018) Support Your Data: A Research Data Management Guide for Researchers. Research Ideas and Outcomes 4: e26439.



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