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Google English: "Open Access - How do you think about HiØ?

First, some Open Access (OA) GPs: Open Access / Open Access implies that researchers make their publications available for free on the internet. The EU Commission's goal is that all results from EU-funded research should be made available by 2020. In Norway, the Government has a somewhat less ambitious goal, which states that the results of government-funded research should be openly available by 2024.

There are essentially two ways for open access:

One can publish in a magazine that is Open Access (Gull Open Access). Such magazines are published on the Internet, they are not limited by subscription plans. Thus, anyone who is interested can read them. Most Open Access journals offer regular peer review, and they often hold a high professional level.

The other way is to post articles and other publications on their own website or in an open-source science archive, such as HiØ's Brage (Green Open Access)

The figure below shows how the development of the number of OA publications on level 1 or 2 for the period 2011-2017 (green + orange + yellow). As you can see, 45 out of 166 (27%) OA level publications were published in 2017, while in 2011 only 9 out of 76 (12%) were OA. Corresponding figures for OsloMet (HiOA) are 49% in 2011 and 59% in 2017. That is, HiØ has the least potential for improvement. In order to trigger this improvement potential at HiØ, leaders of all levels must go ahead and show their way. by framing OA.

As many know, HiØ has established a publishing fund for Open Access. This fund will cover ALL expenses for open publication, provided that some conditions are met. If these conditions are met, simply fill out a single application form to get the cost of publishing. From 2018, some support for OA publishing in hybrid magazines and anthology chapters, as well as OA journals. Read more about the publishing fund HERE .

On this blog, there are timeshare about new Norwegian guidelines for OA - they will help speed up work on open access in Norway. Read more about these guidelines HERE . The last thing that has happened is that the Unit - Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education and Research has started the process of drawing up a national plan to achieve the goals set. See letter from Unit 11 May HERE . Unit, established January 1, 2018, has a national coordinating responsibility for open access work. Unit is also a result of the merger of CERES, BIBSYS and part of the tasks of UNINETT AS."


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