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"Open access

Internet availability of academic or scientific literature, allowing any user to read, download (download), copy, distribute, print, search or reference (provide a link) the full text of the documents.


Institutional repository of Fiocruz. It is the main instrument for implementing the Open Access Policy of the institution. It is maintained by Fiocruz Institute of Communication and Scientific and Technological Information in Health (Icict). Its functions are to host, make available and give visibility to the intellectual production of the Institution, bringing it together in a single point of access, and stimulating the widest circulation of knowledge, in order to strengthen the institutional commitment with free access to scientific health information , in addition to providing transparency and encouraging scientific communication among researchers, educators, academics, managers, graduate students and all civil society (text extracted from Art 2, single paragraph of the Open Access to Knowledge Policy of Fiocruz).

Arca - REA

Institutional repository of Fiocruz that will be available for access and deposit of educational resources, the inclusion of REA in the Ark will increase the access to the didactic material developed in Fiocruz, guaranteeing universal, public and free access.

Archive / Archive

In the name Open Archives Initiative (OAI) reflects the origin of the eprints community. In this case, the term file is used synonymously with a repository of scientific articles. However, librarians and archivists rightly point out that the term file has a precise and established meaning in its domain...."


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