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"The SciELO 20 Anos week will comprise two main events. The SciELO Network Meeting, on September 24 to 25, and then the SciELO 20 Years Conference, on September 26 to 28. The organization and schedule of the week are updated daily on the website . The Meeting of the SciELO Network aims at a collective meeting of its actors to analyze the status of the journals and the network, and to engage in dialogue on the conditions, ways and solutions to advance editorial quality, the journals’ visibility and their alignment with good practices of open science communication. It is a huge challenge – there are 16 countries with different levels, conditions, and capacities of network insertion, yet they all share similar needs and purpose, commitment and expectation of improvement of the journals and the research they publish, reaffirming of the necessity of developing and strengthening the infrastructures and scientific communication capabilities of a broad network of institutions. The SciELO 20 Years Conference will have as main objective the analysis and debate of the state of the art of research communication, trends and innovations, with the transition to open science as a strategic issue. In fact, the conference program is organized according to four thematic lines aligning the journals with open science, each of them made of three panels. The conference program will be analyzed in forthcoming posts...."

September 26-28, 2018, Brazil


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