50 sombras de las bibliotecas: una mala historia sobre la forma sadomasoquista de acceder al conocimiento en los países en desarrollo – taller de digitalización

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Google English: "50 shadows of libraries: a bad story about the sadomasochistic way of accessing knowledge in developing countries

Last week I was invited to this event in Rio de Janeiro to present the conclusions of the work we published in "Shadow Libraries: Access to Knowledge in Global Higher Education" . The truth is that I do not know how updated are many of the data we present there, since it was an investigation that ended in 2013 and just came out published this year (5 years later). For that reason, I did something that I do not usually do, which is to ask myself rather where this is going, and for that I made a slide presentation with some points, which I expanded here....

And, precisely, in the field of intersections, it seems to me that one of the phenomena that needs to be analyzed in the combination between open access and pirated libraries refers to one of the crucial concerns of open access: the ease of being found ( the "discoverability") and long-term preservation. In this article , Stuart Lawson argues that Sci-Hub and such sites hinder long-term preservation, etc., although paradoxically it is easier to reconnect with Library Genesis and b-ok.org than with many other academic sites. to which many times it can only be accessed through the specific search of articles. Long-term preservation? For at least 15 years these libraries have been resisting and serving the most diverse communities, despite their adverse condition (basically being illegal and being in a state of permanent persecution). There is something to explore and rethink academic communication in its entirety...."



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