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Google English: "Do researchers have copyrights?

Do you remember being taught in graduate school how to choose a journal to submit your article, and what criteria to take? What about the types of authorship licenses that exist for scientific publications?

No? Me neither! (But if anyone there was taught about it, please leave it in the comments).

In this text I talk a little about the copyright of researchers, how it works for publishers of international academic articles, and why you should care about it.

Copyright of scientists

Any copyright work is protected by certain rights, guaranteed by law, called copyright . It is more common to hear about these rights in the arts and entertainment area, but they also apply to any other areas involving creation, such as the academic area. However, although the vast majority of researchers produce articles that systematize their ideas and discoveries, strangely, no one ever comments on their copyrights (unless, of course, there is plagiarism, which will be the subject of another text).

Therefore, any researchers have the right to have their ideas as they see fit, and to take appropriate legal action when they realize that their rights have been violated. However, this gets a bit more complicated when publishing licenses come on the scene.

Publishing Permits and Academic Journals

The ideas and discoveries of a researcher, when registered (in patent, article or book, for example), belong only to this. However, the right to use these intellectual products can be transferred to third parties, which often happens when a researcher publishes an article in an academic journal. I do not intend to speak here about patents or books, but it is always important to know what rights the author maintains or not when registering his work in some way...."


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