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"What is open co-authorship of scientific articles and how is authorship defined in such cases? Research carried out openly online raises many interesting questions in terms of research integrity. This article concentrates on one of these – open co-authorship of scientific articles and defining authorship. Three practical examples of open co-authorship are also presented. Open co-authorship means a structure in which the manuscript of an article is worked on in a public text editor running in a browser, in which anyone who fulfils set minimum criteria can participate in the work and be named as one of the authors. Open co-authorship challenges the prevailing definition of authorship Open collaboration is one of the experimental ways of conducting research arising out of the open science trend. Although in an open collaboration, the entire research process with all its phases and results is publically online in real time, in many cases, publishing research articles is required to achieve formal acknowledgement. The metrics that measure the impact of science are still based on peer-reviewed publications and do not recognise open processes. Authorship of articles is one of the most important, if not the most important, ways of progressing in an academic career. From the start of the 21st century, the merit mechanisms based on publishing articles have attracted a great deal of criticism, with pressure mounting for a new system, particularly thanks to the open access movement. According to the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity, lack of clarity over authorship is one of the fastest growing types of problem in research integrity. In 2017, open co-authorship of articles is still a marginal phenomenon, but an interesting one as it makes some of the challenges associated with responsible authorship and defining authorship visible. By virtue of the development of open science and alternative metrics, in the future, open co-authorship may become a more attractive way of conducting international research collaboration and crowdsourcing responses to research questions...."


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