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Google English: "How FAIR should open data and software be?

On the road to open science, a lot of bumps will have to be taken. Governments and subsidy parties expect a lot from the open sharing of data and software. But how easy is it to bring together large quantities of very different types of information and software?

The helm needs to be in science. Research results must be shared more with each other and it must be easier to build on the projects of others. Governments, funds and scientific organizations point to the value of open science for this.

The open sharing of research resources - according to the FAIR principles  - must offer the solution to allow researchers to truly embroider each other's work, whether by replication or by using results for new research....

Dutch data repository landscape

The first serious data repositories in the Netherlands, apart from a number of smaller initiatives, were in the management of DANS and 4TU . The main objective was to provide a storage service for research results, in which DANS primarily focused on the social sciences and the humanities and the 4TU on the technical data.

In 2013, both organizations joined forces in what became Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) , in 2014 SURFsara joined this connection. RDNL functions as a so-called back office and focuses primarily on curation and mutual coordination. The university libraries, united on this point in the UKB Working Group , still function as front office: the point of contact for researchers...."



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