EPA's Transparency Rule Won't Help Science, Scientists Say - The Atlantic

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"Oops. A few months ago, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a new policy that it claimed would “strengthen transparency” in the science it uses to craft regulation. To support its case, the agency alluded to a few major research institutions—namely, three of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals and two bipartisan reports on science and policy.

“The proposal is consistent,” bragged an EPA statement, “with data access requirements for major scientific journals like Science, Nature, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences as well as recommendations from the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Science for Policy Project and the Administrative Conference of the United States’ Science in the Administrative Process Project.” It was not, actually. Within a week, the editors in chief of those three “major scientific journals” clarified that the proposed rule had nothing to do with their policies. And a lead author of the two bipartisan reports rejected the rule as well, saying that her colleagues “would laugh and hoot” at its ideas...."



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