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"Textbook prices have been on the rise for years. It’s time we tackled the problem.

I recall the excitement and democratizing promise of the Internet of the 1990s. I got my first email address in college during that decade. I remember coming home for Winter break and my mother warily asking if I was certain that Hotmail didn’t have a connection to the sex industry. I rolled my eyes at her naiveté. I learned how to download free songs using Napster and to join chat rooms to speak to strangers about topics I had never heard of. Accessing new ideas felt free and frictionless. My roommate taught me how to install ICQ on my bulbous blue Apple computer. I can still remember the thrill of sending instant messages to my classmates anywhere on campus. When a friend from my poetry club told me about the blog he was writing I thought it was the most subversive and edgy form of publishing I had ever heard of. Internet technology made the world seem limitless and exciting!..."


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