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"As a researcher I would very much appreciate answers to the following questions: suppose I put an article in arXiv, then it appears in a journal. Are the uses of the link to the arXiv version affected in any way? continuing, will the choices of licenses, among those used by arXiv, lead to different treatments? does the EU copyright reform apply to articles which are already available on arXiv  (and also in journals)? is there anything in the EU copyright reform which harms the arXiv? what about other repositories, like figshare for example? what about zenodo? I insist with the arXiv example because in some research fields, like mathematics or physics, the usual way things happen re articles is this: first the researcher submits the article to arXiv, then the article is published in a legacy journal. Some times the article is not published in journals, but it is cited in other articles published in journals.  Most of the articles are available therefore in two places: arXiv (say) and journal. From what I read about the EU copyright reform, I can’t understand if the use of the arXiv version of an article will be affected by this reform. While I can understand that there are many problems concerning open source software repositories, I would like to see a clear discussion about this subject which is close but different from the subject of open source software repositories."



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