Should We Rethink the Way We Evaluate Research?

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"The last few decades have seen a steady increase in research output from India’s rapidly growing pool of academicians and scientists. While this is certainly a positive development for our country, institutional policies, particularly those in place for hiring and evaluating researchers, have struggled to keep up. Current policies suffer from a lack of transparency and consistency and many researchers have expressed concerns that they impose flawed benchmarks for scientists to meet in order to progress in their careers. In the wake of this, the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) recently released a policy statement that provides specific recommendations on the way basic research should be disseminated and evaluated by the Indian scientific community.

Quantifying research ‘impact’

At present, any assessment of the quality of scientific contributions made by an individual scientist or an organisation often relies on the use of bibliometric standards such as the impact factor of the journals that papers are published in, the total number of publications authored by a scientist, or myriad citation-based indexes. “Almost nobody reads what is published,” says Subhash Chandra Lakhotia, INSA fellow and one of the lead authors of the policy statement, “They simply go by impact factor or the name of the journal, which is completely wrong.”..."


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