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ab1630's bookmarks 2018-07-28


"...GreyWorks 2018 focuses on data papers, an open access tool for citizen science. Today, data is the catchword for information professionals, practitioners, and net-citizens alike. On whatever scale, data fuels research and informs decision making in every field of study or area of interest. This holds for big data as well as long tail data, which is typically small in size.

This seminar on Data Papers discusses the development and application of an innovative tool that allows one the ability to quickly review data or a dataset, determine its relevance, openly access it, and further cite and reuse it for one’s purpose.

The seminar is geared to librarians, researchers, and students involved in the compilation, use, and/or management of data. Emphasis lies in raising awareness to data access and its potential reuse for science and society. The instructor’s presentation takes place in a plenary setting, where participants are actively engaged in discussion throughout. Wi-Fi is available for participants who choose to bring their laptops...."



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