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"Pretty much everyone directly involved with or affected by scholarly metadata (that’s all of us by the way) is as baffled by and annoyed with its current challenges as we are hopeful and adamant about its rightful place in improving research communications. So it’s rather daunting to be tasked with delivering to the community Shared Best Practice and Principles, the Metadata 2020 project group of which I am co-chair, along with Howard Ratner of CHORUS.


Metadata is rightly beholden to standards and we are not looking to change that, or to add another standard. The simple (as distinct from easy) goal for our project is to provide a broad set of guiding principles and associated practices to improve how metadata is produced, delivered, communicated and used. Standards are a bit like laws in that they are open to some interpretation. Similarly, a reasonable set of best practices cannot cover every conceivable scenario. They may be adapted (for local use if, like me, you’re partial to library parlance) and for some of us, best practices may be goals to aspire to rather than daily practice. The important thing is that stakeholders work toward these best practices and have resources to support what fundamentally requires collaboration to succeed–quality, interoperable metadata. To that end, our group is working on two core deliverables: A list of best practice metadata elements A set of guiding Best Practices and Principles..."


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