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"An open world is a world where all information is openly and freely available for anyone to use, is possible, desirable and necessary. This is the key driver behind the Open Revolution movement. “All information” means all “public” information; that is, information which can be legally or legitimately transferred to anyone else whether for free or for a fee. It includes published software from operating systems like Windows to the code behind online applications like Google’s search engine. It includes databases from stock prices to streetmaps, train timetables to trade statistics. It includes our cultural content such as books, films, music and games. And finally, it includes all published human knowledge from research articles on particle physics to the design of new computer chips. In the coming information age this is the material that will be at the heart of our economies and societies. Information, and the services and infrastructure around it, will be the great majority of what we create, use and trade...."


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