MÓDULO 2: Entorno a la educación abierta – #Analiza #aprende #conecta

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MODULE 2: Environment for open education

Today our society has advanced in such a way that we have at our disposal a countless amount of information ...

Open education is subject to spaces such as the Internet, which have no borders, when it refers to the open concept is always having a global openness, without preset ages, without payments or enrollment, in environments that are part of structured processes on specific supported platforms in a wide range of resources and educational tools of quality offered by cyberspace to generate therefore open learning.

Open learning is not only based on an open education, it involves a certain degree of independence and self-management, creativity and co-creation, part of the knowledge one has, and from them, to expand them, so it can not be limited to one type of education formally corseted, if not that it uses multiple spaces and tools in addition to the practical experimentation itself.

The best proposal to approach methodologically these challenges is nicknamed the new "pedagogy of abundance" because it is based on the abundance of resources on the Internet, these are called open educational resources, a term that has evolved a lot in a short time, going from referring only to those tools as contents ( authors that with the Creative Commons licenses promote the use of their works for free ), to include software (free applications that facilitate learning) or operating systems such as Linux, and even hardware, depending on different authors resources would be educational or not, what if they are classified is as open...."




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