Opening up access to research : a film review of Paywall: the Business of Scholarship, directed and produced by Jason Schmitt, 2018

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"How often do you encounter a paywall? You knowwhat I mean:it’sthat moment when you discover that the online journal article you’re trying to read is not available through your institution’s subscription, and the publisher invites you to pay a fee perhaps $30 or $40 to gain access. Depending on your institution’sresources, this may happen more or less frequently to you, but I’m sure it has happened. And if you don’t have an institutional affiliation, then you are well-placed to appreciate how frustrating it is for those patients,doctorsand policy-makersor keen amateur historians who would like to read the latest research literature, but can’t afford to do so.From these twin concerns to help researchers work more efficiently, and to enable wider access to the results of research the open access movementarose in the early years of this century."


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