The conceptual basis of the university cloud-based learning and research environment formation and development in view of the open science priorities | Information Technologies and Learning Tools

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This article explores the scientific and methodological background of the creation and development of the cloud-based learning and research environment in the context of open science priorities and the European Research Area (ERA) formation. The conceptual and terminology body of the cloud-based environment investigation and the main features of such an environment are delineated. The main methodological principles of the environment design and development, for instance, the principles of open science, open education and also the specific principles inherent to the cloud-based systems are described. The study aim is to analyze the conceptual body, principles, and features of the formation and development of the cloud-based educational and research environment in the context of the open science concept. The objective of the study is to determine the prospects of cloud technologies that are used to support educational and scientific activities and to outline the principles and technologies of open science use and explore their broader application in pedagogical systems of higher educational institutions. The research methods are the analysis of official international documents, publications on the research, observation, comparison, the analysis of the experience of the educational and scientific application of cloud technologies, and experimental studies. The results of the research substantiate cloud technologies in the principles of creation and development of the learning and research environment (LRE) of a higher education institution. The concept of the cloud-based environment is explained; the characteristic features of its functioning are outlined. Additionally, the prospects and estimation of the cloud-based LRE development in the aspect of open science are defined. Conclusions and recommendations encompass the application of cloud-based open science technologies covering European research infrastructures, scientific and educational networks, European open science cloud, and also cloud services for collecting, submitting and processing data as a topical and promising trend for the development and modernization of the learning and research environment of higher education institutions.


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