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Among the most important of the tremendous changes that have been taken place in teaching and learning throughout recent years has been a move towards ‘openness' in education. This includes an increased availability of alternatively licensed resources as well as extended possibilities for formal and quasi-formal learning in the context of open courses. Since learning theories typically conceive of learning as occurring in clearly structured environments, they are not necessarily well suited to understanding the specific characteristics and general significance of open education. Consequently, a broader concept apposite to the breadth and variety of experiences of learning in open and complex settings would be valuable. One such concept has its origin in the German philosophy of education, and goes by the name of Bildung. This article is aimed at getting insight into this theory because it reflects broader concepts than conventional learning theories, and suggesting a way of applying this framework to a range of relevant aspects of open education. This is done in the hope that Bildung may evolve from a quite unknown body of knowledge to a valuable resource to be consulted for guidance and advice as the possibilities for personal development and maturation continue to evolve.



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