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"The state agency Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third in Europe. Since 2010, it has been conducting surveys among Spanish scientists on the perceptions and participation in open access, on the preservation of research data, and this year, it conducted a survey on the degree of acceptance of open peer review (OPR). This activity is correlated to the OpenAire2020 project funded by the European Commission. In February 2018, the CSIC’s Digital Technical Workshop launched this survey to analyze the habits, preferences and opinions of CSIC researchers when it comes to conducting peer review and being peer reviewed. The interest of this survey lies in the growing international debate on open access that affects, among many things, the assessment models and scientific impact indicators. This survey aimed to carry out an initial analysis of researchers’ attitudes and experiences regarding open reviews, a practice that has been increasing slowly but steadily in recent years, driven by Open Science movements. The results, which were very revealing, were published in a 25-page report1, available in open access. The questionnaire was answered by 158 CSIC researchers, and considered 15 types of questions..."



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Ernesto Spinak


Translated from the original in Spanish by Lilian Nassi-Calò.

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08/30/2018, 11:52

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08/29/2018, 23:20