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The summer term at the universities has gone virtual and it is a good moment to share questions, best practices and still open challenges (of which there are many). Questions of competencies in dealing with digital (research) infrastructures, but also generally the desire for fostering of data literacy on all levels of teaching, learning and research are becoming more urgent.

Although the Digital Humanities community is profoundly dealing with digital resources and methods in teaching and research practice since some time, courses and conferences were still based on the concept of personal attendance. Consequently, we do not have any special competences of e-learning under the roof of the digital research infrastructures for the humanities. Nevertheless, we have to face the demand and work together to meet the expectations step by step.

The German research infrastructures CLARIAH, CLARIN and DARIAH are committed to provide and share their resources to foster digital courses and teaching on both the national and the European level as broadly as possible. For better networking and outreach, we started sharing our resources in DARIAH-Campus and started to publish some of our tutorials. The information in this post is first and foremost directed at course providers, teaching staff or students in the humanities and adjoining disciplines.

With the current demand in mind, we felt called upon to restructure our DARIAH-DE offerings and compile a best-practice-overview, which you find below. Of course this overview – focussing on the situation from a German teaching perspective – may be extended but as you see, some European resources are already included.



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